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WMC2013 Miami Sampler
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Various Artists — WMC2013 Miami Sampler
Release date : Jul. 01, 2013
  1. Dalminjo Feat. Lenny Hamilton - Bring It Back (Main Mix)
  2. Zulu's At Work Feat. Wendy Jane Satchell - How Love Goes (Main Vocal Mix)
  3. Mind Street Feat. Jalley - Morning Light (Original Mix)
  4. Spiritual Blessings Feat. MJ White - World Listen(Main mix)
  5. Mus Threee - Inside my soul (Original)
  6. Deep Mesh - Warning


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01.Dalminjo Feat. Lenny Hamilton – Bring It Back (Main Mix) – Written and performed by Lenny Hamilton (Vocals) and Ole Roar Granli (Music). Produced by Ole Roar Granli. Mixed and Mastered by Matthew Bandy.
02.Zulu’s At Work Feat. Wendy Jane Satchell – How Love Goes (Main Vocal Mix)
Written and performed by Wendy Jane Satchell. Recorded By Paul Mojito Satchell. Mixed, Produced, and Arranged by Zulu’s At Work at ZAW Studios.
03.Mind Street Feat. Jalley – Morning Light (Original Mix)
Written by Vargas Jean Christophe, Lata Jean Olivier, Marcillat Stephane, Bardy David. (Sacem-FR). Vocals by Jalley.
04.Spiritual Blessings Feat. MJ White – World Listen(Main mix)
Written and performed by MJ White. Composed by Ezio Centanni & Jean Paul Francois a.k.a. Spiritual Blessings. Recorded, edited & mixed by Spiritual Blessings@Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy).
05.Mus Threee – Inside my soul (Original)
Written & Composed by : Piero Napolitano, Lino Baccaro, Marco Bellavia. Trumpet : Simone Stefanizzi. Edited and Mixed by : Piero Napolitano. Additional editing, mixing and mastering by Spiritual Blessings.
06.Deep Mesh – Warning
Written and Performed by L Messuli, Produced by KP Deep Mesh.

Final mastering@Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
2013(C)&(P) Gotta Keep Faith Records (ASCAP)
All right reserved.
Info: office@gkfrecords.it
Licensing : licensing@gkfrecords.eu
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WILL REELSOUL RODRIGUEZ : WOW! Some serious heat. My fav is “Inside my soul” and “bring it back”!
HIPPIE TORRALES : Real nice tunes. Lots of quality work.
MARKIE GEE : I will definitely be playing it in Miami!!
ROBERT OWENS : Great vibes.
EVAN LANDES (Groove Junkies) : Various shades of uplifting tracks and songs that should have a wide appeal. Leaning towards “Inside My Soul.” Must be something about that title 🙂 Best of luck!!
EDDIE BOOM “THE JERSEY MAESTROS” : Dope, defo feelin the Lenny Hamilton’s track. Will defo be rockin this.
DJ POPE : Nice Package. Support.
STEREO MUTANTS: Really like this!
LEWIS FERRIER : Nice package, Zulu’s At Work Feat. Wendy Jane Satchell – How Love Goes (Main Vocal Mix) is my pick !
CHRISTOS KEDRAS : Wow, what a great package, lots of nice tracks, Dalminjo/ZAW/Mus Three standing out for me, this release is going to get lots of Kedras love! 🙂
SOULDYNAMIC : Nice package! Dalminjo and Zulu’s at Work tracks are hottt! pure Miami vibes.
VINCENT DEEPER : Great Ep. Full support from P1 Deeper.
DJL VIALOCAL : 100% Dalminjo Feat. Lenny Hamilton, full support!
GREG FENTON : Like “Inside My Soul” best – great Trumpet!
LEE TRISTRAM : I think Mus Threee, Inside my soul brings the heat for me, the more I listen to it the more I’m feeling it. It’s followed closely by Spiritual Blessings, World Listen.
Will be supporting, many thanks as always!
MARK DI MEO : “Inside my soul” is a bomb! Mamma mia!
DARREN HOLLAND : Some nice sounding tracks there
ZWEIGLANG : Absolutely fabulous soulful house gems on this sampler. Full support from Germany!
BOOKER T : Wicked Package. Nice Soulful House. Big support.
MICHAEL ALAN : Absolute soulful goodness. I love the variety and quality of the entire package. Great work full support on my radio show and WMC gigs.
ESTEBAN FERNANDEZ : Enjoyed How Love Goes & Inside My Soul
DJ BEE (Spain) : Amazing Vocal for me. Total Support !!
NIALL REDMOND : Really tasty stuff on this guys..wil be dropping lots of these on the radio over the coming weeks …good stuff.
SUBMANTRA : Impressive sampler for this WMC …Deep mesh is my fav. i will play for sure!

MIKE FOSSATI : The time has come for Gotta Keep Faith Records to unleash their highly anticipated “WMC Miami Sampler”, and similar to previous years it is a grandiose collections of tracks selected from the labels upcoming releases. A total of six tracks are included, giving you a glimpse of what to expect from the label during the year. There is Dalminjo featuring Lenny Hamilton “Bring it back”, Zulu’s at Work featuring Wendy Jane Satchell “How love goes”, Mind Street featuring Jalley “Morning light”, Spiritual Blessings featuring MJ White “World, listen”, Mus Three “Inside my soul” and last but not least Deep Mesh “Warning”. From beginning to the end, this is an utterly soulful feast for the ears.