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Spiritual Blessings Feat. MJ White “Call To The Mother Afrique”
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Spiritual Blessings Feat. MJ White — Call To The Mother Afrique
Release date : Sept. 17, 2012
  1. Call To The Mother Afrique (QuestionmarQ Remix)
  2. Call To The Mother Afrique (MxDope Dub)
  3. Call To The Mother Afrique (DJ.Zero Ultra Remix)
  4. Call To The Mother Afrique (DJ Ouder Mix)
  5. Call To The Mother Afrique (ZuluMafia Afro Mix)
  6. Call To The Mother Afrique (Mr. Fuzzy Dubby Mix)
  7. Call To The Mother Afrique (Original)


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“Sweet Innocence” the previous single by MJ feat. Arnaud D & Marlon Sadler was a best seller on Gotta Keep Faith and some stunning version like the Jesus Gonsev’s remix was licensed on many compilations. This Time Spiritual Blessings meet MJ to give life to a new afrolicious project that includes very important remixes from South African Candi Bean Family. The package includes re-works by Dj Ouder, MxDope, Dj.Zero, ZuluMafia, Mr. Fuzz (how can we do less him?) and QuestionmarQ from Ireland.

1. Call To The Mother Afrique (QuestionmarQ Remix)
Additional Remix & Productions by Marq Walsh.
2. Call To The Mother Afrique (MxDope Dub)
Additional Remix & Productions by Mxolisi Nene
3. Call To The Mother Afrique (DJ.Zero Ultra Remix)
Additional Remix & Productions by Dumisani Themba
4. Call To The Mother Afrique (DJ Ouder Mix)
Additional Remix & Productions by Jabulani Zikalala
5. Call To The Mother Afrique (ZuluMafia Afro Mix)
Additional Remix & Productions by Simphiwe Nhlapho
6. Call To The Mother Afrique (Mr. Fuzzy Dubby Mix)
Additional Remix & Productions by Fred Faupin
7. Call To The Mother Afrique (Original)

Additional Remix & Productions by Dj Ezio & Dj Jean a.k.a.Spiritual Blessings
Produced by Spiritual Blessings
All tracks mastered@ Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
Vocals by MJ White
Thanks to Candi Bean for its musical support.
(C)&(P) Gotta Keep Faith Records-2012 (ASCAP)
For Licensing or any other inquiries, please contact our Office: office@gkfrecords.it

MJ White
Mj White is an artist that stands the test of time. MJ has a real vibe and soulful voice that has touched the masses from New York to the hottest dancefloors all over the world.
Starting his career in the early 90’s with Ed The Red Goltsman, Bottomline records, MJ has worked with some of the great pioneers in the industry and is still rocking the scene with the new hot producers of the day.
Mj’s style ranges from the hard hitting club tracks to the soulful ballards and beyond.
Blessed with a falsetto as rich as his lower range it’s a voice you will remember and feel.
Born the son of a Baptist Minister in North Carolina, MJ moved to New York City to pursue and bring his vision of gospel infused vibe and his love for jazz to the many projects he has been featured on and has gained a strong following from New York to London and beyond.
MJ is also the lead singer of the hot UK dance act The Donatella Movement.
In the past few years MJ has worked with such great producers as Mark Wilkinson, Gavin Bradley and Dwayne Minard (Righteous) both of which have seen his tracks featured the Hed Kandi compilations Stereo Sushi and Disco Heaven.
MJ has also worked with , Oscar P, Rocco, Davidson Ospina, Stan Cortios, Steve Forest, Chris Ortega, Arnuad D, Marlon Sadler and Melchyor A just to name a few.
MJ has projects on several dance compilations and is now featured on some of the hottest labels on the scene such as, Chez music, Soundmen on Wax and Gotta Keep Faith, Perception, Tasty, Open Bar, Soulshine, Afro Rebel just to name a few, and his new remake of Mr. Fingers “Can you feel it” is blowing up on the Hed Kandi world series Brazil CD burning up dancefloors worldwide.
MJ is an artist with a vision and that is to spread peace and love light all over the world through the music.Where there is light and love darkness will not prevail.

Spiritual Blessings
Spiritual Blessings as known also as GKF’s head, are Dj Ezio & DJ Jean and they dedicate their life to the music. After many projects and remixes for labels like Soundmen On Wax, Seamless, Open Bar, Seasons Limited, Drum Records, Uno Mas, Do It Now, Sofitone and Soul Deluxe just to name a few, they come back on the first love, the only one completely loved, Gotta Keep Faith together MJ White for a project that respect their essence but afro spiced thanks to first cooperation with the Candi Bean family managed by Dj Ouder.
Besides this “Call to the mother Afrique” another deep fresh project always with MJ White will see the light very soon.