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GKF Celebrate 100th Official Release (Soulful Album)
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Various Artists — GKF Celebrate 100th Official Release (Soulful Album)
Release date : Dec. 27, 2012
  1. Asha Edmund
  2. D3
  3. Ciappy Dj & Davide Murri featuring Fabrizio Scarafile
  4. Deep & Soul Project featuring Danny
  5. Distant People featuring Chappell
  6. Diva Down Entertainment featuring SuSu Bobien
  7. Dom Navarra featuring Cairo
  8. Donald Sheffey
  9. Eternal Sunshine
  10. Haldo featuring Loryn
  11. Keith Thompson & Licksamba
  12. Lady Bird & Friends
  13. Logicalgroove featuring Savio Vurchio
  14. Mr. Fuzz featuring Jahmark
  15. Mr. Fuzz featuring Tony Lindsay
  16. Raf'n'Soul featuring Tony Marino
  17. Rhody & Kaydee
  18. D3
  19. Stephanie Cooke
  20. Steve Paradise featuring Vera Medina
  21. United Soul featuring Petra


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Founded back in early 2006, a good six years later Gotta Keep Faith Records celebrate their 100th release with two phenomenal albums featuring a selection of the most memorable moments from the illustrious catalogue of the label as well as including a few previously unreleased tracks. This second album is entitled “Soulful” and is strictly dedicated to soulful house tracks. Includes a total of 21 tracks which let you re-experience the sounds that made Gotta Keep Faith and its artists (Steve Paradise, Melchyor A, Spiritual Blessings, Groove Assassin, DJ Rico, Mr. Fuzz, Distant People, SuSu Bobien, Dom Navarra, Donald Sheffey, Lady Bird and Stephanie Cooke to name just a few) famous. A definite addition to your CD case.
(Mike Fossati – SpiritOfHouse.com)
Tracklist GKF100 “Soulful”
1.Asha Edmund “Carry me over” (House Device Remix)
Vocals, Music & Lyrics by Asha Edmund
Produced by Jason Tan & Asha Edmund
Arranged by RY & Jason Tan
Additional Remix & Productions by House Device
2.D3 “Blessing The sun” (Steve Paradise Soleado Mix)
Written, arranged, mixed and produced by Davor Devcic a.k.a. D3
Additional Remix & Productions by Steve Paradise
3.Ciappy Dj & Davide Murri featuring Fabrizio Scarafile “Winds of Victoria” (C&D Main Mix)
Written by D. Murri/G. Marasciulo
All arrangements by Davide Murri, Fabrizio Scarafile, Ciappy Dj.
Tenor Saxophone : Fabrizio Scarafile
Piano & all keyboards : Davide Murri
Backvocals & corinho : Davide Murri & Annaluna
4.Deep & Soul Project featuring Danny “This light (we’ve seen)” (MoWz Remix)
Written by: Carlos Vargas, Jair Deodato & Danny
All arrangements by: Carlos Vargas, Jair Deodato & Danny
Main Vocal: Danny
Guitar: Jair Deodato
Piano & all keyboards: Jair Deodato & Carlos Vargas
Bass: Joao Cacao
Soprano Sax: Nana Sousa Dias
Back Vocals: Danny
Additional Remix & Productions by MoWz (Remco Muis)
5.Distant People featuring Chappell “If we all can” (Reelsoul Vocal Mix)
Written by Mark Benson a.k.a. Joey Silvero & Patrick Chappell
Vocals written and performed by Patrick Chappell
Additional Remix & Productions by Will “Reelsoul” Rodriguez
6.Diva Down Entertainment featuring SuSu Bobien “Praise always” (Spiritual Blessings Give the Glory Mix)
Written, produced & arranged by DEWEY CIOFFI for DIVA BREADTH SONG
All lead & background vocals by SUSU BOBIEN
Additional vocals & arrangements by DAWN TALLMAN
Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings
7.Dom Navarra featuring Cairo “Like rain” (DJ Umbi Remix)
Written by C.B.Woodward and D.Navarra
Vocals: Cairo
Additional Remix and Productions by Dj Umbi
8.Donald Sheffey “My house” (Spiritual Blessings Afro Funky Sicka Mix Inst)
Written by Donald Sheffey
Original Music by Colum Hustler a.k.a. Beaten Soul
Vocals by Donald Sheffey
Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings
9.Eternal Sunshine “Beautify me” (Dolls Combers That’s Traxx Mix)
Written by Written, Arranged and Mixed by OGBOYE, MILLS, EDWARDS.
Vocals by Eternal Sunshine.
Additional Remix & Productions by Dolls Combers
10.Haldo featuring Loryn “Be back” (Steve Frisco Funky Chiara Mix)(Unreleased)
Written by Haldo & Loryn Herve Dupenher.
Vocals by Loryn Herve Dupenher a.k.a. Loryn
Produced by Haldo
Additional Remix & Productions by Steve Frisco
11.Keith Thompson & Licksamba “Still feeling you” (Ciappy dj & Davide Murri ft. Paolo Romano & Fabrizio Scarafile Remix)
Produced by Tarek & Louis
Writers: Tarek Daboul, Louis Ramirez, Keith Thompson
Arranged by Davide Murri & Ciappy Dj. Synthetic instruments, strings, piano & keys by Davide Murri. Bass : Paolo Romano. Sax Soprano : Fabrizio Scarafile. Rhythm section : Ciappy DJ
12.Lady Bird & Friends “After rain comes the sun” (DJ Rork Extended Edit)
Original music and arrangements by Dolls Combers.
Original editing and engineering by Dolls Combers. Additional keys: Pino di Pietro. Dolls Combers are Manuele Tigani & Vincent Lacerenza
Lyrics written & performed by Lady Bird
Additional Remix & Productions by Dj Rork
13.Logicalgroove featuring Savio Vurchio “You are the one” (Pablodj Soulful Main Mix)
Written by P.P. Lamantea and P. Baldassarre, arranged and produced by Pablo Dj a.k.a. Logicalgroove. Lead vocals by Savio Vurchio. Piano/Rhodes by Alex Bufi. Sax by Pako Baldassarre. Bass by Niko Caldarulo. Guitar by Pino Camporeale
14.Mr. Fuzz featuring Jahmark “Don’t you want me” (D3 Rainforest Rework)
Lyrics written by ALEXANDER PERLS ROUSMANIERE. Music composed & played by FREDERIC FAUPIN. Vocals by JAHMARK
Additional Remix & Productions by D3
15.Mr. Fuzz featuring Tony Lindsay “Innocence heart” (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Vocal Mix)
Original Vocals by Tony Lindsay
Produced, arranged and mixed by Frederic Faupin aka Mr. Fuzz
Additional Remix & Productions by Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart
16.Raf’n’Soul featuring Tony Marino “Man on the prowl” (Mr. Fuzz Seventies Soulful Remix)
Written by Raf’n’Soul Feat. Tony Marino (Raf Dj)
Vocal Performance : Tony Marino
Additional Remix & Productions by Mr. Fuzz
17.Rhody & Kaydee “Release the beauty” (D3 Silky Re-Work)
Written, arranged, mixed and produced by Martin Eriksson. Vocals written and performed by Kevin David Ichekor
Additional Remix & Productions by D3
18.D3 “September” (Spiritual Blessings Joyful Sunrise Mix)
Written, arranged, mixed and produced by D3 aka Davor Devcic. Guitar played by Davor Devcic
Additional Remix & Productions by Spiritual Blessings
19.Stephanie Cooke “Old friend” (Gregory Del Piero Remix)
Written by: Stephanie Cooke
Main Vocal & Background: Stephanie Cooke
Additional Remix & Productions by Gregory Del Piero
20.Steve Paradise featuring Vera Medina “Um belo dia de sol” (House Device Remix)
Written and performed by Vera Medina. Produced by Stefano Binotto a.k.a. Steve Paradise
Additional Remix & Productions by House Device
21.United Soul featuring Petra “Too late” (Steve Paradise Remix)(Unreleased)
Composed, arranged, edited and mixed by Tivadar Horvath, Milan Galler, Istvan Gombas
Lyrics & Vocal : Petra Pakai
Additional Remix & Productions by Steve Paradise
All tracks mastered@Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
(C)&(P) Gotta Keep Faith Records-2012 (ASCAP)
For Licensing or any other inquiries, please contact our Office: office@gkfrecords.it