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Bhaku Jr. Feat. Maxwell & Bra Thamz “Change”
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Bhaku Jr. Feat. Maxwell & Bra Thamz — Change
Release date : Dec. 09, 2013
  1. Change (The Jersey's Maestros Mix)
  2. Change (Spiritual Blessings Deep Mix)
  3. Change (Dj Umbi Mix)
  4. Change (Distant People Remix)
  5. Change (Berny Remix)
  6. Change (Voodoo Jamsoul Remix)
  7. Change (Georg Neufeld Dub Mix)
  8. Change (Original Voodoo Mix)


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BHAKU Jr. is a new young and rising talent from Joannesburg (South Africa). Already producer of “Tokyo Sky” out on Tribe Records, he has already worked for Gotta Keep Faith Records remixing the top track “African Sunrise” by Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi & Dana Bird.

BRA THAMZ (Bra Thamie) is one of the SA’s all time classic guitarists. He’s the actor behind the classic Spanish guitar solo on the track.

MAXWELL came from North West Provence of Joannesburg and he started sing at the church choir joining later local gospel groups around his area. He has grown into many vocal styles like reggae, rhythm & blues, afro pop.

Bhaku Jr., Maxwell and Bra Thamz have joined hands together bringing to you “Change”. A beautiful African masterpiece that expresses the emotions you feel when you go through bad times of life while keeping firm faith and hope. Maxwell delivers hot-warming vocals inspired by his career overview. The guitar solo is signed by Bra Thamz, a jazz player from Kagiso that enrich the track with a superb spanish classic guitar solo. The “Original Vodoo Mix” re-worked by Bhaku Jr. same on “Voodoo Jamsoul Remix”was genially remixed by some of the most important producers of the worldwide underground scene. We all remember the international top track “He’s so Real” performed by Renee Smith and totally produced by The Jersey’s Maestros together Dj Spen. So Eddie Boom and Pup Dawg a.k.a. The Jersey Maestros, the creative force behind “He’s so Real” and “Shine On” both released on Code Red, deliver their soulful “The Jersey’s Maestros Mix”. Another stunning remix was realized by Distant People one of the most prolific producers of the world-wide Deep & Soulful House music scene that has worked for Solid Ground, Afro Rebel, Foliage, Perception, Quantize, BBE, Soulstar, Rejoice, Large, Seamless, Open Bar and on his own Arima, just to name a few. Another interesting work “Dj Umbi Mix” is from Dj Umbi from Bologna (Italy), one of the most stable Gotta Keep Faith’s producers together Spiritual Blessings which express their potential with the “Spiritual Blessings Deep Mix”.
Dj Umbi has recently launched together Submantra his own label Soul Departure. Berny from Padova (Italy), another talented Italian producers, is the author behind the “Berny Remix”, the pilot track included in the official GKF Records’ Miami Sampler 2012. Close the package a dub remix by Georg Neufeld from Switzerland. Georg is another GKF’s resident producers. He has also produced and released tracks for Doppelganger, Tenor, Aux Audio, Wildtrackin, Stalwart, Waking Monster, Open Bar.

1) Change “The Jersey’s Maestros Mix” #7:56
2) Change “Spiritual Blessings Deep Mix” #6:58
3) Change “Dj Umbi Mix” #8.36
4) Change “Distant People remix” #6:27
5) Change “Berny Remix” #6:44
6) Change “Voodoo Jamsoul Remix” #6:45
7) Change “Georg Neufeld Dub Mix” #7:02
8) Change “Original Voodoo Mix” #6:46

Written by Maxwell, produced & composed by Bhaku Jr & Bra Thami.
Vocals by Maxwell. Guitar solo by Bra Thami.
Track 1: additional remix & productions by The Jersey Maestros.
Track 2: additional remix & productions by Spiritual Blessings.
Track 3: additional remix & productions by Dj Umbi.
Track 4: additional remix & productions by Distant People. Published by D’mour Music.
Track 5: additional remix & productions by Berny
Track 7: additional remix & productions by Georg Neufeld Edited & mixed@Handhouse Rec. Studio – Switzerland
All tracks mastered@Spiritual Blessings Studio (Italy)
(C) (P) Gotta Keep Faith Records (Ascap) – 2013 – All rights reserved.
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